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Winter Winter

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I have to disagree with many of the reviewers before me. While your skill is decent, re-drawing somebody else work should not be praised, and it's definitely no front page material.

What do you try to achieve with this piece?

Was your goal to be as close to the original photo? If so, then you could do it effortlessly by copy and paste, but then that would be stealing. Even if you have done a perfect job of recreating the photo, it's still meaningless as the color and composition were all belongs to the original artist. If your goal is to showcase the process of copying other people's work, then you need to show that in some other forms such as a video of you drawing it.

If your goal is not to be as close to the original, then what personal touch have you done to it? To make it look like a painting? Well, that can be easily done with some Photoshop effects. If this is just an exercise or a practice, then it shouldn't be here, the art portal is for people to showcase their completed works.

I give you half star for your effort and time spent, but you need to work on something original, create something with your own fresh idea.

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